What happened to entrepreneurs starting a business or being in business to make a difference in the world?? What happened to people wanting to find their purpose in life and wanting to help others on a personal level?

Everywhere I turn it is “how to make a gazillion dollars fast” or “how to have the gazillionaire lifestyle with the boats and house on the beach”.

Yes, social media is taking over and technology is everywhere you look, but that doesn’t mean we need to lose sight of what really matters. If you have all of these internet get rich businesses, who is going to be left to run the store businesses? The real brick and mortar small businesses that make this country thrive?


I hear people complain about the big corporations taking over the country getting rich. But that is because you are letting them. You are not standing up for the small businesses. You have an idea for a small business but you are too scared to actually do something about it. You would rather take the easy route that’s less work and do an online get rich quick scheme. In turn, you are teaching your kids that you don’t really need to work hard. You are teaching them to just give in and do it the easy way. Not cool.

If you need help that’s perfectly okay. You can ask for help and you SHOULD ask for help. I have done a lot of research on business and personal development and what works and what doesn’t. There are many different ways to do things for different people but the important part is to just do it. I am working on building this site to make it easy and help you to just do what makes you happy and make a difference.

For now you can check out the Small Business Administration in your area or contact me with any questions about where to start.


Maybe together we can stand up for the little guy and make a difference.

With hope and love,

Tammy Lee


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