What’s Your Struggle

Everyone is going through something in their life. Everyone is dealing with their own struggle of some sort. So you are not alone. It could be a struggle with drug addiction, struggle with a spouse’s drug addiction, struggle with work, struggle with deciding what to do for work, struggle with what to cook for dinner every night, struggle with your business that you just started. It could be a struggle with a narcissistic parent or family member, a struggle with a crazy boss, a struggle with child bullying or suicide.

Life does this amazing thing and gives you these gifts of opportunities disguised as struggles. Without struggle there is no learning and no growth. The person that does not struggle is not challenged and therefore will not grow as a human being. The strongest people are the ones that come from a life of struggles. They have learned and grown from it. I am told I have had a hard life, but I only see the gifts of learning experiences in my past. And my life was still not as hard as some people’s lives were or are. I have been told that I am a good problem solver. I believe that comes from my experiences and all of the struggles I’ve had to deal with.

You are only challenged with the struggle because you are strong enough to handle it even if you don’t know it yet. You will. And you can not let that struggle define you or stop you.

Trust. Your. Struggle.

With Love,



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