Bring Back Please and Thank You

There was another bomb attack? Another shooting? You think gun control is the solution??

This post is to remind parents of the need for more attentiveness with their children and the need for more discipline to create respect, manners, and thoughtfulness in their children to grow up not being bullied and avoid any more mass shootings. Guns are not the problem; bad parenting is.

We need to bring back “please and thank you” and all forms of manners and respect for oneself and the community by having parents be informed of the importance of good parenting.

All things can be prevented.

• Shootings come from negative feelings from bullying or kids not knowing the difference between fiction and reality

• Bullying can be prevented by building a child’s confidence when they are young. It will not matter what a bully says because the child will not get hurt or listen to the negative words

• Confidence comes from parents telling their kids that they are worth it and they matter

Lessons for My Kids

Positive Things to Say to Your Child

To some parents this seems like a burden or a pain, but it could save your child’s life.

Mental Health plays a big role in it as well. Psychological help has been lacking in the United States. Doctors are so quick to give medicine and send people on their way and people are so quick to crack down, squeeze, and try to control problems instead of taking the time to figure out WHY it is happening and get down to the core problem to find a solution. Why does someone turn to drugs? Why does someone feel the need to bully someone else? Why does someone have the desire to shoot or blow up a bunch of people?? If you study it long enough you tend to find a pattern.

My personal experience comes from drug addiction. Not me personally, although I struggle with my own demons, but close to my family and close to my heart. The need for a drug or substance is to escape. They need to escape their lives and reality because they are unhappy.

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