Stop Complaining! 3 Ways to Change Your Thinking NOW

This post is a little bit of unedited hard truth. People complain about their current situation and where they are in their lives. They feel sorry for themselves and want others to feel sorry for them too. But nobody is going to feel sorry for you. They want sympathy from everyone else yet they are not willing to go out and make things happen to change their current situation and change their lives. I used to be one of those people. Always feeling like the victim. Who you are and where you are in life is based on your own decisions. You decided to sit and watch tv instead of go out and look for a job. You decided to eat that donut and every one before it which led to you being obese. You hate your job yet you decided to stay there and be miserable because you were too scared to go find a job that makes you happy. Where does complaining get you? It keeps you in the same spot and makes you miserable in that spot.

That is like standing in the middle of the street with no umbrella when it is pouring down rain and complaining that you’re getting wet. So stop complaining. Nobody wants to hear it anyway. Start doing. Everyone wants to see you do something. The biggest regret you will ever have is not doing something.

  1. Show gratitude. Gratitude for anything in your life will release brain chemicals that counter the stress chemicals in your brain. You cannot be grateful and angry at the same time. It is just not possible.

  2. Get a pen and paper now. Yes, I’m serious. Write down 3 goals that you want to achieve. ANY goals. Anything that you want to change. Don’t put too much effort into it. The point is to activate another part of your brain to let it start working on finding a solution to get you to your goal. It can be to drink another glass of water per day. It can be to not hit the snooze button that 4th time. It can be to think of something you’re grateful for (see what I did there? Mixed two in one). Nothing too big.

  3. Say something out loud like, “I am going to stop complaining.” Once it is spoken out loud it is set to be true. It can be that or anything else that is positive and self directed. “I am beautiful”. “I am strong”. “I am resourceful”. Just one thing and repeat it 3 times. Yes, that number 3 again. It’s like the magic number.

Try it and see how you feel immediately after. The point is to break the complaining train and train your brain to work differently. 😄 This isn’t a magic fix that will completely change your thinking and mindset and everything for the rest of your life. Change comes with practice and persistence. Practice this every time you want to complain and I guarantee the complaints will get less and less.

Good luck and please post a comment or send me a message telling me how it worked for you or if you have anything to add.

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