I Am a Single Mom

I have been scared to write this because of what people would think, but I am hoping that someone will read this that is going through or went through the same thing.

My son is now 7 years old and I have been a single mom for 6.9 of those years. He technically has a father but we found out how ugly and painful drug abuse is and how it can destroy families. Yay for learning!

When my son was born my mom stayed with me for a week to help me take care of him. After she left my ex-husband just slept…in his room…by himself. I never saw him and we lived in the same house. The house of my father-in-law. More fun stories to come from that one. So he told me to “text him if I really needed something” 😑. That’s when I learned about pills and what they can do. I slept in the nursery with my son and recovered from giving birth while I took care of this newborn. After a year and a half, I couldn’t take it anymore so I packed up what I could and moved back in with my parents to start over. I got a job (or two or three) to make ends meet and pay off this massive amount of debt that I’d collected.

Child support? What’s that? Even when I have a signed court document saying he will agree to pay a certain amount a month there is always some excuse as to why he can’t give me money. So now I have this super awesome, super great, super helpful $5,000 IOU. 👍🏻

But thanks to the lack of support from the co-creator of this amazing human being I call my son, I can proudly say that I am a single mom taking care of a son that I have raised on my own. And I have learned first hand about drugs and addiction. But I have not regretted anything in my life. Everything has made me a stronger and more independent person. Please comment on this post if you can relate to ANY of this.

Learn to regret nothing and be grateful for everything. Life is too short.

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