Vitamin D

Coming from California with all of the palm trees and constant sunshine you can forget about this important vitamin called Vitamin D.

I didn’t even think about it until my son got sick for the second time since moving here to Oregon. This time it was the stomach flu. Back home he hardly ever got sick and I have never given my 6 year old medicine except for a little bit of Tylenol to help his growing pains (that will be another post later). We try to eat healthy and take vitamin supplements to fill in the gaps that we know of. It is now February and since we have moved here in November we have experienced the worst winter storm this area has seen in many, many years. I saw grass for the first time since November, but now it is gone from another winter storm dumping snow. I am currently stuck indoors yet again because it is dumping snow. We have also only seen the sun a few times since November. I’ve learned that our bodies actually need the sun for our skin to produce Vitamin D that apparently helps with maintaining bone health, the immune system, prevent cancer, and more. I am not a doctor, but you can read one of the Vitamin D Articles here.

(This link leads to a website provided by the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University.  Palm Trees 2 Pine Trees is not affiliated or endorsed by the Linus Pauling Institute or Oregon State University.)

I was more worried about my son, so I read a lot of articles to see if Vitamin D3 was safe to give to children and it is. You can read one of the articles here. Apparently it is kind of like Vitamin C where your body just gets rid of the excess and there is no toxicity. Of course, too much of anything is bad for you so ask your doctor how much you or your children should be taking. If you live in a very sunny area then you are probably fine, but if you live in an area where it is not so sunny and nice then you should really think about it.


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